Where can external timber cladding be used?

Where can external timber cladding be used? Many customers, turn to Brick Slips Direct for a number of different style and refurbishment of their Homes and Business. Brick slips can transform the feel of a room almost effortlessly, whether you are looking for an industrial, rustic feel or are looking to cultivate a calming and peaceful […]

Glazed Effect Brick Slips Designs | Popularity of Glazed Brick Slips

Brick slips are becoming increasingly popular with homes and businesses alike – and we are the people to know this!  However, while you may assume that all brick slips are the same, and that the aim of using them is to always create a rustic and industrial look, or to emulate the feel of an […]

Why our Reclaimed bricks slips are our best-sellers

Brick slips come in all shapes, sizes, colours, styles and ranges – and we’re proud to be able to offer genuine slips and Corners from reclaimed sources that look great in homes and businesses alike.   Why our Reclaimed bricks slips are our best-sellers:- However, you may be interested in learning that some of our […]

How to Install Reclaimed Brick Slips onto a Chimney Breast

How to Install Reclaimed Brick Slips onto a Chimney Breast:– The use of traditional brick look fireplace has increased over the last few years, and using brick slips to clad fireplaces is the hot trend. The method of Brick Slips installation can be quick and easy and goives a rocking stylish look to your Chimney. […]

Why brick slips are great for commercial use

Why brick slips are great for commercial use:- You can use Brick Slips anywhere in your Home or Business. The Beauty of Brick Slips Tiles add a touch of trend to your small or Large Project. When running a public business, it can sometimes be hard to get the look of your interior design just right. […]

5 ways stone cladding adds to your property

Stone Cladding is effortlessly dramatic and gorgeous. Apart from the Brick Slips, we also deals in a wide range of Stone Cladding for your home and business. If your are looking to revitalise a wall or two,we also offer authentic and manufactured stone cladding. It helps to create a whole new effect for your exterior […]

External cladding: how it can transform your home

Create a new look If you are looking for renovating your Home or Business Premises at low budget. You can improve its looks and value by Exterior Cladding. Cladding and brick slips aren’t just a facet for interior design. While it all works wonders to help transform a feature wall or to blend in an […]

Reclaimed brick slips and timber cladding

Reclaimed brick slips and timber cladding When it comes to creating an authentic, rustic atmosphere – whether in your home or in your place of business – you can’t go wrong with brick slip products.  There’s nothing quite like a feature wall or fireplace that takes your guests and customers back to the distant past […]

European brick slips are perfect for your home

Here at Brick Slips Direct, we provide reclaimed and manufactured cladding and slip solutions for homes and businesses alike. In some cases, one type is often more appropriate than the other!  When it comes to a uniform, consistent looks we recommend our manufactured range. Our Cladding provides practical benefits as well as a great look. […]