Why brick slips are great for commercial use:- You can use Brick Slips anywhere in your Home or Business. The Beauty of Brick Slips Tiles add a touch of trend to your small or Large Project.

Red Rustic brick slips

When running a public business, it can sometimes be hard to get the look of your interior design just right. After all, it will depend hugely upon what your business does, and the types of people you are looking to host! If you are a modern restaurant or bistro, for example, you may wish to go for a contemporary look that retains class and style – or, if you are operating an urban coffee shop, you may want to opt for a look that is equally rustic and industrial. Whichever look you are aiming for, you can often find the perfect aesthetics in a feature wall or two made from custom brick slips.

Versatile in Application

Brick slips are wonderfully versatile – they can be made to order in any colour, shape or size you wish. Therefore, if your business is looking to really stand out amongst the crowd, you may wish to go for colourful, glazed slips that emphasise individuality and vivid personality. If you’re looking to create an interior look that is classy, uniform and inspiring, you may wish to opt for slips that are less wild in colour but are custom-cut to provide symmetry and style.

The Authentic Look

On a whole other tack, you may want to capture the urban or industrial look of the British street or the way the high street used to look. Reclaimed brick slips are sourced from genuine destruction, meaning that each and every slip is unique and carries its own history – which can be fitted together to create an authentic and striking wall or interior design which gives the impression that your premises has been hand-built from the ground-up. The reclaimed or ‘authentic’ style is hugely popular in independent stores and cafes as they appeal to people interested in ‘home values’ and grassroots business – the more homely or familiar the style, the more people will feel connected to you and your brand. It’s surprising just how much of an effect internal brick cladding can have.

Finding the Perfect StyleLight coloured feature wall of slips view 2

Brick slips are fantastic for commercial use as they can be used to fit a variety of themes and interior styles to help you appeal to your specific audience and patrons. Here at Brick Slips Direct, we’ll be able to help you find the perfect range, style and use for slips in your premises, meaning that you’ll never leave without the right look for you, your business or your patrons – we genuinely believe that brick slips, whether manufactured or reclaimed, can be employed to your advantage in a commercial setting. What’s more, they simply look fantastic!

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